About Us

GlobeStar FZE is oil conglomerate registered in UAE engaged in trading of petroleum, petrochemical and Agro products. Since the start, GlobeStar has made leap and bound advances in gathering a team of highly specialized personnel with the specific product and global market knowledge. We source shipments from state-owned and private oil refineries across the globe as well as from trading companies in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our suppliers enjoy the benefits of our robust international sales network in expanding their global market share, while at the same time our buyers are guaranteed with stable and efficient supply of quality products.

GlobeStar Global FZE specialize in supply and distribution of Virgin base Oils Group I, II, III and Bright stock Petrochemicals Additives Lubricants plus other Industrial chemicals globally.

We executes sales in bulk vessels, IBC, ISO tanks and flexi Bags. Diverse transportation facilities allow us to offer varied product quantities enhancing our capacity and flexibility in responding to the needs of our buyers located in main trading hub or even in the geographically remote markets. Relying on the strength of our state of art blending capability and the availability of raw products in storage terminals, we manufacture lubricanting Oils and export finished goods worldwide.

Having “GlobeStar” brands made by virgin base oils with full additives, our reputation is founded on the ability to deliver these products as per API and European standard standards. We have never compromised on the quality of products delivered to our valued customers. We keep them happy while ensuring that the products are delivered to them in an efficient and cost-effective manner and that has helped us in retaining our valued customers.


Building enduring successes and reputation as a partner of choice with our customers. We strive to work together in partnership while we ensure to meet all ethical, environmental and regulatory standards in the oil industry. In Napstar Global, our corporate values define who we are and what drives us. These values have defined our business successes and excellence upon which our corporate future is built.